The Storm P. Museum

I’ve drawn very little since december. I really need to get back drawing daily again!

So today I had a great Creative Friday; First I vent to the Stom P. Museum – a fantastic place for some InkTober inspiration. Afterwards I sat at a café across the street and drew the museum. It was amazing weather and I realised how much I missed sitting outside drawing with a good cup of coffee.

Sktchy30 drawings in April

My daily drawings during April have all been part of Sktcy’s #sktchy30 drawing challenge. It’s been a great experience and another month of drawing portraits has definitely helped me improve. All the drawings were done in a 19x19cm Seawhite of Brighton sketchbook. The paper is all media and I used just about everything in it (even spray paint) and I finally started experimenting with ink and water washes – something I’ve wanted to do for a long time.

March drawings – it’s getting better

I took my time on a couple of the drawings. Without all the daily drawings I would never have made it this far.

Never before have I drawn as much as i did in the last month. Apart from the 100 people in 1 week I also kept up the daily drawings. Some days I started to practice life drawing so I can start putting some bodies under the faces I’m drawing. So far I’m only drawing from video on Croquis-cafe. They have some great recordings of 10 poses in 20 minutes, it’s sort of like a traditional figure drawing class. They are also great if after a long day I still haven’t done my daily drawing, then I just start one of the videos and know that I’ll be done in 20 minutes. I already filled a pile of A2 sheets with quick sketches. They’r great practice, but not interesting enough to post.

Today I filled the last page in my sketch book. The next sketchbook should behave better with wet media, so hopefully I can have some fun with watercolours and ink washes too. Hope it’s good because it has 95 sheets in it so I’ll be carrying it around for a long time – even with a daily drawing.

Sktchy are doing a drawing challenge in April where they send a daily assignment. I of course joined, now I won’t have to worry about what to draw all month 😉

February Faces – 28 drawing in 28 days

I finished my February Faces challenge yesterday! I drew 28 people in February. I have now drawn a face every day since mid-January. Before that I didn’t have the courage to draw people. I am really surprised at just how clear the improvement has been in just 7 weeks.

Doing a 1 hour still life drawing Monday I also noticed that I have become much better/faster at constantly checking and correcting my measurements. A bit of an ekstra bonus, I hadn’t expected drawing from photo reference would also helping my live drawing.

The drawings have been taking longer and longer to finish. I’m considering taking on the Marc Taro Holmes /Liz Steel #OneWeek100People2017 challenge in March. Not sure about 20 a day but it would definitely help my drawing speed. Drawing the sketches a bit smaller directly in ink and it might just be possible – but not necessarily very pretty.

The Sktchy app has been a huge help in this challenge, making it super easy to find someone to draw so I could spend the time drawing instead of getting lost searching the net. I can highly recommend the app if you are looking for people to draw or inspiration – or if you would like someone to draw you. It’s very much like Instagram; some upload photos, some drawings. There is also a very friendly and supportive community there. (sktchy: @Svend Soenderby)

I can highly recommend doing a drawing challenge if you want to get better at/learn how to draw. Do InkTober, MarchofRobots, FebruaryFaces, OneWeek100People, 356drawings, dinovember or just make up a new one that suits you. Just decide to do it and stick with it. Jake Parker, who started InkTober, talks about drawing challenges here (it’s very long so draw while listening to it). I believe the only way to learn how to draw is by doing it – a lot. Actually, just stop surfing and start drawing now.

I’ll will continue to draw daily and I plan to do 2-3 Sktchy drawings a week.

The 28 February Faces:

Daily drawings – now with faces!

Still doing my daily drawing, managed to do one for every day of January. I finally built up the courage to start drawing faces. Warmed up with a few cartoon faces and then started drawing from photos – apart from the very first drawing and 4 Andy Warhole polaroids – all the reference photos are from the Sktchy app. I can highly recommend the app if you are looking for people to draw/inspiration – or if you would like someone to draw you. It’s very much like Instagram; some upload photos, some drawings or both. The two are linked, just swipe to the right on a drawing and you can see the reference photo used for the drawing. (sktchy: @Svend Soenderby)

I also gave my self a challenge to draw a face every day of February. I even gave it a fancy name/tag #FebruaryFaces only to discover that I was very far from the first to come up with this brilliant idea – but the more the merrier 🙂 I have basically already been drawing faces for a month now, and it is really helping my drawing. Hopefully I’ll have 28 to show at the end of February.