Summer drawings

Anna Anchers (out) house in Skagen

Managed to keep up the daily drawing all summer – or rather 7 drawings a week, there were a fair few catch up days with more than one drawing. No theme, just a weird mixture of drawings.

Mostly used a very cheap sketchbook which has a big drawback; it can’t take even a light wash of watercolour. Some of the “urban sketching” drawings could really have done with a splash of colour. Need to find some sketchbooks with smooth white paper good for fountain pen, pencil and watercolour.

Holiday drawings from Lisbon

Going to Lisbon on summer holiday this year I was planing to do a lot of drawing and dipping my toes into watercolours and urban sketching. I even got myself a new watercolour sketchbook and added 2 new colours to my watercolour set.

There is still no drawings in my watercolour sketchbook, but I did make daily ink drawings in a super cheap 21×21 sketchbook I normally use for doodling. I also made a few pencil sketches in a very small sketchbook I got in a goody bag at a party arranged by my 4 year old niece. I only did one small watercolour and that ended up being used as a postcard.

To make up for my missing watercolour drawings I picked up the book “Lisboa por/by Urban Sketchers” – 120 drawings by 45 sketchers. I knew about the book before we went to Lisbon. It was not easy to find, the only place I found the book was in the gift shop at the Berardo Museum. It’s a great little book, much better souvenir then anything you can find in a souvenir shop.

Super cool city/area. Back in Denmark now, the temperature 15-20 degrees lower and it’s raining buckets – I guess todays drawing won’t be Urban Sketching with watercolour either…

Getting back to drawing daily


I’m finally getting back to drawing daily – it’s been too long. No theme or specific sketchbook, it’s one very mixed collection of ink and graphite drawings on all sorts of papers and sketchbooks.
I just got myself a Moleskine watercolour sketchbook, so I guess it’s time to get the colours going too 🙂

Here is a few mixed drawings from the last weeks.

My first holiday sketch book

It has always bugged me that i couldn’t draw. I newer learned it. I grew up thinking that drawing was something magical you either could or couldn’t do. Thats rubbish. Like with all other things you have to learn it and practise – practise a lot.

My son loves to draw and that inspired me to finally start drawing with him. In the spring I for the very first time brought a sketch book with me and tried to draw what i saw. Not very pretty, but it was a start.

So when vacation time was getting closer I bought a new sketch book and decided to try to make a drawing for every day of the holiday. And I did it. The cool thing is that after the holiday we’ve actually look more at the drawings then the photos we took.

Still a very very long way to go before I can draw the drawings I’d like to draw, but it’s getting better and its fun. I just need to make loads more drawings to get better (and maybe get a bit of help from someone who actually knows how to draw).

Pencilholder made of pencils

Pencilholders are too often old coffee mugs or boring steel things from the local office supply shop. Not my style, so I made my own of 24 pencils. The plastic bit was designed in Cinema 4d and printed in plastic.

Unfortunately I made a small calculating mistake so I had to ”modify” the pencils to make them fit. It spoils the idea that the pencils are not easily inter-changable and not completely parallel. I will definitely be making a new version of this one.