InkTober 2017 – Now with water

I wanted to start experimenting with ink washes for a long time, so I added water to this years InkTober. I had great plans on how to prepare for my 3rd InkTober, but the only thing I actually did was to buy some watercolour paper… But this was my general plan;

1. Pick a Sktchy picture the evening before.
2. Start by warming up with a continuous line drawing in fountain pen.
3. Do an ink wash drawing.
4. If I have another great idea for the daily drawing: Ignore points 1-3.

I also wanted to draw faster and have a fairly portable setup. So I had this great plan about a quick underdrawing in pencil, and then adding 2 light passes of diluted india ink, a slightly darker 3rd pass and adding final details with fountain pen.

So thats what I did… for 5 days…

The number of passes seemed to grow by the day and the drawings were taking longer and longer. To try to save some time I dropped the warm up drawing and started drawing only half of the face, now using diluted water soluble inks form Lamy to add some colour.

I really wanted to rely less on contour line and after day 9 I realised that I had to go cold turkey and loos the fountain pen all together if I wanted improve at this. Soon after I started using diluted acrylic inks instead of dye based fountain pen ink giving me more control on the details. Quite an expensive month as I kept picking up new inks to try new colours.

All the drawings have been done with one brush only; a travel dagger brush, sable/nylon blend from Rosemary & Co.. I got one a while ago after reading about several urban sketcher using it as a “one brush dos all” but I newer really used it. Its my first “good” brush and I’m never going back to “too cheap” nylon brushes again – not that it’s an expensive brush. I’ll be getting one more to use with water colours.

The white highlights in the eyes where an adventure in their own right. Even though the drawings where dry the ink would bleed in to the white. Lamy’s dark lilac ink will happily bleed through 6 layers of Molotow acrylic marker. I tried any brand of white pens I could lay my hands on, opaque acrylic inks, china markers, cheap gouache etc.. In the beginning I fixed it in photoshop but I finally found a working solution; almost undiluted high quality gouache – some of the dark dye based inks might need an extra layer but it’s the best solution I found.

If you are curios about any of the inks I used u can read what ink I used in the comments on Instagram and Sketchy. The paper is 300g/m2 Canson Montval Aquarell and it worked really well.

Time wise this InkTober was a disaster. I spend way to much time on it, especially on the underdrawings and I didn’t really enjoy that part. But I really learned a lot about matching tone, using a brush and I got to explore a lot of new inks (Yes, I am an inkoholic). I also got a new best friend; my travel dagger brush.

InkTober 2016 – Done


InkTober is over. I did it, 31 drawings in 31 days. You might actually say I drew over 100 drawings, because almost all the drawings where drawn and erased several times before I got started on the ink.
In Denmark children hang their dummies in trees, when it’s time to give up the habit. Maybe it’s time for me to hang my eraser in a tree. I probably won’t like the result in the beginning, but I should be able to make 3 times as many drawings in the same time and that will definitely help my drawing.
The fairies leave children a gift as thanks. Does that apply to grownups with erasers too??

Here is all the drawings for InkTober 2016:

InkTober 2016 – Part 2.

Inkler Fish
Still doing my daily InkTober drawings. My son often complains about me only drawing what I see and to little from fantasy. So here is an inkler fish, an inklefant and a “knæk cancer” ninja especially for him. He was also very fond of the snake from Aalborg Zoo. He told me (3 times) what kind of snake it was, but I forgot…

A lot of ink ran through my Lamy fountain pens for the drawings. I also got to try the Preppy pens from Platinum. They are not as good as a Lamy Safari, but at £2,33 they are fantastic. The’ve definitely earned their place in my drawing kit. I’m especially happy with the extra fine which has a thinner line than Lamy’s extra fine.

InkTober – First drawings


Doing InkTober again this year. There have been a few very late nights getting the drawings done, but I’m still hanging in there.
Didn’t have anything prepared or any ideas for InkTober this year. When in doubt; just order more drawing stuff… I wanted to try a fountain pen that was finer than the Lamy extra fine, so I ordered an extra fine Preppy fountain pen… and the 2 other sizes just to have a set to bring around with the sketchbook… and a Platinum brush pen because I always wanted to try their carbon ink… and some pink ink cartridges I “needed” for the only idea I had for an InkTober drawing.
 That leaves me with 1 idea for the rest of the drawings. I suspect my InkTober drawings are going to end up being a very odd mixture, but I guess thats no different from last year.

InkTober – done


I did it: 31 drawings in 31 days !

With only one exception, I managed to stick to my plan about only drawing what I see, not drawing from a photo (and maybe adding a background). That it went wrong one day was because I was on a ferry and couldn’t find a seat with a nice view to draw. Instead I ended up drawing a wallpainting from a photo.

Most drawings where drawn in a blind panic just before bedtime hence the odd collection of subjects. Dragons, planes etc. are all drawn from toys or teddies.

There are 9 pages left in the sketchbook and I want them filled as soon as possible, but I think I need a few days with graphite and colour pencils first.

And here is the complete sketchbook: