30 models in 30 days

Artists often start the day with some warm up drawings – and if its working for them, why not try that in 3d too.

The idea is to start every (work)day with a model for 30 days. The first 10 days went really well and I learned a lot by using functions / techniques I normally don’t use that much. It’s been taking longer then expected, so the next weeks will probably be more regular speed modelling.

The models can be seen here in a higher resolution: Sønderby 3d gallery

Dreamcar and bouncy balls

It’s been a while since i posted a friday experiment, not because I havn’t been experimenting but because the results have not been that interesting to show off. I have made loads of tests tracking and stabilising hand held and bicycle shots. So if you have seen someone cycling around Copenhagen haphazardly with one hand on the handlebars and a small videocamera mounted on a ModeSteady in the other, it was most likely me.

This friday experiment is a stabilised handheld shot with a car replacement. The bouncy balls are mostly there to test shadows/reflections and the new dynamics in Cinema 4d r12.

Camera tracking made in SynthEyes. 3d i Cinema 4d R12.

Sharks at the harbour in Sæby

A motion tracking experiment for testing the workflow from shooting in 1080p, stabilising in SynthEyes and exporting to Cinema 4d in 720p to spice up the shot with a few 3d elements.

It was shot at the harbour in Sæby (Denmark) without the faintest idea about what to add in 3d. Normally when I do tests like these I just use a few spheres and cubes and bin the file when I’m happy with the result. This time I used the opportunity to play with the pixel effect used on the fishing boat but also other details like tracking the lamppost which moves in front of the elements added to the walls.

A special thanks to Robert Leger (www.robertleger.net) for his Voxel-Effect script used on the fishing boat .

Tribute to Katharina Grosse from a 4 year old

Ok, this friday got hijacked by my son who just turned 4. It all started while on holiday in Ireland where, during a drive, he started to talk about some green painting gloves that he would like for his birthday. What were the green gloves? Where had he seen them? The answer came promptly ”Arken of course” (Our local art museum, www.arken.dk) . Aha, that german woman…. ”Yes, Katharina Grosse” came the response from the backseat!

He had heard that we where planning to paint his swing set at the summerhouse and wanted to do it himself the same way Katharina Grosse had painted Arken. Laura had to be invited too because she is good at painting (www.lauramulligan.com).

Well, why not? Unfortunately Laura was going on holiday and couldn’t make it and we never found green gloves in his size, but we did get 4 tins of water-based spray paint, masks with active coal and an old shirt. It’s hard pressing the valve on the spray paint when you are only 4 years old but it went pretty well.