Linocuts with my son

Unfortunately I didn’t get to draw much in December but I did make 2 lino prints. I joined my son while he was making his, now traditional, linocuts for Christmas gifts. He managed to make 2 this year, both in an edition of 20 so there are plenty for gifts in the coming year.

I also made 2 prints. It was fairly obvious to print some Christmas cards, but from decades of experience I know that my intentions and actual actions often are miles apart when it comes to Christmas cards. Therefore I decided to make a card suitable for all occasions – just in case. I used one of my drawings from last summer as a template for the linocut.

I also cut a plate last year while keeping my son company but never pulled any prints from it. Since the red ink was already out, I had to print some cards with this one too. Although my wife didn’t think this was suitable for Christmas cards…

Well, once again I didn’t managed to send any Christmas cards this year so I guess they’ll do fine as new year cards.

InkTober 2016 – Done


InkTober is over. I did it, 31 drawings in 31 days. You might actually say I drew over 100 drawings, because almost all the drawings where drawn and erased several times before I got started on the ink.
In Denmark children hang their dummies in trees, when it’s time to give up the habit. Maybe it’s time for me to hang my eraser in a tree. I probably won’t like the result in the beginning, but I should be able to make 3 times as many drawings in the same time and that will definitely help my drawing.
The fairies leave children a gift as thanks. Does that apply to grownups with erasers too??

Here is all the drawings for InkTober 2016:

InkTober 2016 – Part 2.

Inkler Fish
Still doing my daily InkTober drawings. My son often complains about me only drawing what I see and to little from fantasy. So here is an inkler fish, an inklefant and a “knæk cancer” ninja especially for him. He was also very fond of the snake from Aalborg Zoo. He told me (3 times) what kind of snake it was, but I forgot…

A lot of ink ran through my Lamy fountain pens for the drawings. I also got to try the Preppy pens from Platinum. They are not as good as a Lamy Safari, but at £2,33 they are fantastic. The’ve definitely earned their place in my drawing kit. I’m especially happy with the extra fine which has a thinner line than Lamy’s extra fine.

InkTober – First drawings


Doing InkTober again this year. There have been a few very late nights getting the drawings done, but I’m still hanging in there.
Didn’t have anything prepared or any ideas for InkTober this year. When in doubt; just order more drawing stuff… I wanted to try a fountain pen that was finer than the Lamy extra fine, so I ordered an extra fine Preppy fountain pen… and the 2 other sizes just to have a set to bring around with the sketchbook… and a Platinum brush pen because I always wanted to try their carbon ink… and some pink ink cartridges I “needed” for the only idea I had for an InkTober drawing.
 That leaves me with 1 idea for the rest of the drawings. I suspect my InkTober drawings are going to end up being a very odd mixture, but I guess thats no different from last year.

Getting started with coloured pencils

Still doing my daily drawings, but trying out something new; coloured pencils. Thought they might be fun to try out before a whole month of ink – InkTober. I kind of missed that it’s already the 1st. of October tomorrow. Have noting prepared, so I guess I’ll be busy tomorrow.

The coloured pencils are great to work with, but they are really time-consuming. Found time for a few drawings with fountain pen too.